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Our Story

Moving to Miami Beach in 2016 after graduating from university is where my story begins.  I had accepted a job in the corporate world as a sales executive that would eventually chart the course for the rest of my life. However rewarding, I was constantly stressed and faced periodic burnout. To find emotional balance, I discovered that incorporating daily physical and mental activities was the easiest way to connect with myself and find mindfulness amidst work and social obligations.
Spending time at the beach was one of the most therapeutic outlets to disconnect from work and reconnect with myself and nature. The ocean continually entangled all of my senses with its ever-promising ebb and flow and intoxicating smell of saltwater. With that came overly dry skin requiring consistent exfoliation and moisturizing. I searched for pure, organic exfoliants, which I found pretty tricky. I made scrubs as gifts over the years and realized that I could create the purest and cleanest products that would benefit my skin by harnessing minimal, natural, and organic ingredients. 
Enter Careen. Our body scrubs and bath salts are handmade in my Miami Beach studio with the highest level of care, quality, and purity possible. Our body oils are procured from the most reputable sources and should be used as tools to lock in the healing effects of your exfoliation while providing essential moisture. Careen is a genuinely local product made to combat the drying effects of saltwater, chlorine, sweat, and other harsh elements our skin gets exposed to in our little slice of paradise.
I created these products not only so that we can have fabulous, glowing skin, but more importantly, as tools to enhance everyone's self-care routine. Careen means to take a boat out of the water, scrub it of salts, mollusks, and plant growth to restore it to its proper working condition. We believe in restoring yourself, creating space for "me-time," and being able to take a fifteen-minute shower experience and make it something magical- to connect deeper. 

I'm honored to create for you!


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