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Our Philosophy

We believe in taking care of your skin at a very basic level, a notion of careening yourself and removing things that no longer serve you. Careen is a mindfulness mission. It is a practice. To support that practice of restoring yourself, we've created a few tools to help guide you on your journey.


Our team has specially formulated a fantastic blend of mineral-rich and detoxifying salts for the body - and oils to lock in the healing effects of your exfoliation while providing essential moisture. We don't sacrifice quality for the sake of artificial scents or colors. Each of our products is made by hand, ensuring intention and care. 

how we make our products

Our products are made-to-order in our Miami Beach studio. We pride ourselves on earth-sourced, high-quality ingredients while formulating based on simplicity and versatility. We combine vitamins, antioxidants, acids, and minerals that restore the skin for optimum appearance and glow. 


Our promise: all-natural, handmade, organic when possible, plant-based or sea-based, vegan, kosher, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, dye-free, artificial fragrance-free, clean, sustainable, palm oil-free. 



As a clean, earth-sourced company, we strive to create products and packaging with minimal environmental impact and footprint. By using organic and synthetic-free ingredients, we ensure the product is as biocompatible when using on your skin as it is when it floats down your drain. All of our packaging and shipping materials are recyclable, and we encourage you to reuse and upcycle the bottles and jars. We recycle our waste and create 100% organic compost from the fruit used in our products through Compost For Life Miami. 


Careen is a real brand for real people. We believe in being transparent, authentic and rely on a deep connection with our customers and the planet to create a responsible company. Being true to who you are, unapologetically, is a driving force behind all that we do, and using natural, authentic ingredients supports this ethos. Never using synthetic ingredients, fragrances, dyes, or parabens; we're all about keeping it all-natural, baby!

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