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Signature Product: Body Scrubs

Updated: Apr 17

Careen indirectly started for me in college when I was looking for ways to make inexpensive Christmas gifts for my friends. I started by creating a basic blend of coffee grounds, coconut oil, and a mixture of salts and sugars to make body scrubs for everyone on my list. If you would have told me that years later I would be leaving a lucrative corporate sales role to create body care products, I would have told you that I never expected anything less!

The body scrubs that I create today look a bit different from back then. We source the finest ingredients from suppliers around the world to formulate effective and sustainable skincare products. Our products are formulated with the tropical climate in mind and harness plant and sea-based ingredients that detoxify and rejuvenate skin while revealing a restored and glowing complexion.

Our standout ingredient is Dead Sea salt which we use across our body scrubs and body soaks. Sourced from the Dead Sea, these salts are known as Cleopatra's beauty secret, and it is said that she conquered and acquired land surrounding the Dead Sea simply for access to this powerful mineral for her beauty rituals. It is even rumored that she believed that the Dead Sea had mystical healing powers. Consisting of over twenty-one minerals, Dead Sea salt contains ten times more minerals than regular salt, which makes this a truly rejuvenating and restorative staple for anyone's skincare routine.

We blend our body scrubs with Dead Sea salt, Himalayan salt, sea salt, and Epsom salt. We incorporate luxurious oils, organic essential oils, flowers, and citrus peels to achieve various results.

Our scrubs are vegan, cruelty-free, blended with only organic essential oils, and never use fragrance oils, artificial coloring, or dyes, paraben-free and sulfate-free. Our products are completely natural and non-toxic, so you can feel safe about what you're putting on your skin and what is floating down your drain.

For more information on our scrubs and their ingredients and purpose, click here.

Restore Yourself.

With Love,



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